Nicholas Alexander Chavez GH
Credit: Ricky Middlesworth/ABC

His character may be down and out but the Daytime Emmy Award-winning actor is living the high life.

To say that Spencer is having a tough time of things as of late in Port Charles is putting it mildly. The guy not only let go of the girl he really cares about, he found out his father had sex with the girl he used to care about and now he’s heading back to prison for breaking out when he was incarcerated, to which he fessed up to while trying to prove Trina’s innocence — all because his ex Esme framed her. Do you see what we mean?!

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However, things couldn’t be better for his portrayer, Nicholas Alexander Chavez, who recently posted some videos from his time spent in Istanbul, Turkey.

“Today I went inside of the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul and wanted to share with you all,” he stated then gave a video tour of the mosque’s gorgeous architecture. “It’s beautiful here.” And in another video, as birds soared above and music played in the background, Chavez showed his fans some of the sights of the city and shared, “I mean look at this view…”

It’s no secret that the ABC soap star has a bit of an adventurous streak. Last week he took some time out to hit the waves and shared, “Surfs up!”

And earlier in the month he jumped out of a plane and said, “I went skydiving and fell faster than Spencer did for Trina… and that’s saying something.”

We can’t wait to see what adventure Chavez sets out on next!

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