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The show really has us “hooked” with this mystery. But we suspect that we’ve solved the case.

The Port Charles PD should really consider putting us on the payroll, because we just may have solved the latest mystery to rock General Hospital — you know, who attacked Ava?

The obvious suspect is poor, drunk Spencer. But as much as he may loathe his stepmother, he’s more misguided and sneaky than violent and dangerous — even when soused. Ryan is the definition of “violent and dangerous,” but he’s obsessed with Ava; the serial killer would likelier slash at Nikolas than his reluctant beloved.

Ava confronts Ryan on GH ABC

“Of course you wouldn’t hurt a fly, Ryan. You like flies.”

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The Usual Suspects

You’ll recall that the day of the attack, Ava was in the wrong place at the wrong time and overheard Austin talking with Mason. But there wouldn’t be much shock value, or value at all, in having the culprit be the new guy. Though Victor is hardly a fan of the havoc that Ava has wrought on the Cassadine family, we could more easily picture him slipping a wedding band on her finger than jabbing a hook into her stomach. (Keep your friends close and your enemies closer and all that!)

Ava drinks with Victor GH

She certainly looks amenable to a revenge marriage.

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Dead Woman Walking?

Many a viewer has speculated that Ava’s attacker is the individual that we’re all supposed to (but don’t) believe has been sent to a watery grave: Esme. And it would be pretty ironic if the antagonist that Ava sent plummeting to her “death” returned and attempted to hasten her “killer’s” demise.

But we suspect that General Hospital has a surprise in store for us — and an even bigger one for Ava. We suspect that her attack had nothing to do with current story and everything to do with past story.


Staring is one of Ava’s biggest “parapet peeves.”

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Just When She Least Expected It

For the most part, Port Charles has forgotten that Ava murdered Connie Falconeri. The deceased’s one true love Sonny now co-parents Avery with Ava. And Connie’s cousin Olivia scolds Ava about bickering with Nikolas at her charity picnic instead of bringing up “grave matters.”

But would Connie’s family back in Bensonhurst have forgotten? Would they have tried to move on with their lives, only to discover that they can’t? It’s possible. And if that’s the case, they might have decided that they only way to reclaim their lives is… well, to take Ava’s. What do you think? Have we hit the nail on the head? On your way to the comments…

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