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The question of the day is “Who’s your daddy?”

For months, General Hospital has been teasing viewers with the notion that the “late” Esme’s mother could be Felicia. But now it’s looking like that was a red herring and, in fact, it’s Mac who stands to add a branch to their family tree — by way of Cody.

When the Port Charles do-gooder learns that the newcomer is the son of old flame Dominique Taub’s first husband, Leopold, a lightbulb switches on over his head. And the week of August 29, “Felicia and Mac begin to wonder if maybe Leopold isn’t Cody’s father, someone else is,” John J. York tells Soap Opera Digest. Someone like, say, Mac himself.

“Hmmph. Ya fall off one stinkin’ parapet, and people forget all about you.”

It doesn’t make sense for a power monger like Leopold to have kept his spawn a secret. And if he isn’t Cody’s actual dad, given the number of years ago that Mac was mixed up with Dominique, he could be long overdue to pass out cigars. He “has a lot of questions,” says York. “At this point, he doesn’t know anything for sure.

“But if it was true,” he adds, “it would certainly change things — and would that be a good thing or a bad thing for his family?”

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“Bonus: We missed the terrible twos and diaper changes.”

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Given how sneaky Cody seems to be, we’re going to go out on a limb and guess “bad,” at least at first. However, he could turn himself around. If Sonny could do so (after turning a teenage Karen into a stripper), Carly could do so (after seducing her stepfather), Ava could do so (after murdering Connie)… Heck, if most of Port Charles could do so, anyone can.

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