GENERAL HOSPITAL - Episode “14836” - “General Hospital" airs Monday-Friday, on ABC (check local listings). (ABC/Craig Sjodin)CHARLES SHAUGHNESSY
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The carnage left behind could be devastating.

It’s tough being a villain in Port Charles. There are just so dang many baddies running around on General Hospital at any given moment, what could you possibly do to stand out?

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Surely that’s the question Victor Cassadine has been facing as he’s set up shop in his family’s old hunting, er stomping grounds in Port Charles. The good news for him (and the bad news for a certain General Hospital mainstay) is that he’s clearly realized that one way to add a little villainous spice to things is to go after a beloved character — like Laura!

But what’s good for Victor is certainly not what’s good for everyone else, and that includes his own portrayer! During a recent General Hospital Facebook Live Q&A, Charles Shaughnessy admitted that he, “was actually a little squeamish when I realized I was actually out to get Laura. I don’t know where that’s headed.”

Well, we can tell him that it’s probably headed nowhere good!

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“Who orders iced tea with a splash of espresso?? You’re a monster, Victor! A monster!”

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Victor, Shaughnessy continued, has “certainly tried a couple nefarious attempts. I was a little shocked to find out about Luke, quite honestly.”

You and the rest of the world! If Victor could take out a living legend like Luke without so much as batting an eye, what else is he capable of? And how many might die by his hand before his plans are stopped? Heck, if his plans are stopped! That’s something Shaughnessy himself doesn’t know, but it’s not looking good for our General Hospital faves.

“There’re no depths, apparently, to where Victor won’t go,” the actor mused, “so everyone’s fair game in Port Charles as far as Victor’s concerned.”

That’s something Ava, Jerome or not, might want to take under advisement after his recent not-so-veiled threats that patching things up with Nikolas might, somewhere down the line, end up being the only thing keeping her safe. And Lucy may want to think twice (or more!) about how close she wants to get to the handsome, suave, yet oh so dangerous Cassadine!

And then there’s Port Charles’ beloved mayor.

“No one is safe,” Shaughnessy insisted ominously during the Q&A, “not even Laura.”


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