GENERAL HOSPITAL - ABC's "General Hospital" stars Laura Wright as Carly Corinthos. (ABC/Ricky Middlesworth)
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The Emmy winner understands her character’s thinking perfectly.

Ever since General Hospital had Carly withhold from Willow and Nina the fact that they are daughter and mother, pretty much the entire audience has had an opinion about it, one way or the other. Some argue that by keeping the information from Nina, Carly being just as rotten as Sonny’s new squeeze was when she decided against disclosing that the don was alive and well in Nixon Falls. Others suggest that Carly is in the right.

Carly sneers at Nina GH

The look Carly gives when she thinks someone’s gonna say she’s in the wrong.

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Willow “did say she didn’t want to know,” tweeted Jamie Beck on August 24, “and she did say it was because she didn’t want someone like Nina coming into her life.

“Carly will tell Willow when Willow is ready,” Beck added, “and Willow can decide if Nina should know.”

In response, Laura Wright agreed. “This is true,” she wrote. There’s just one problem with that — and happily, it’s the kind of problem that leads to explosive drama: Willow is unaware that Carly knows her biological mother’s identity. If Willow did know, she might be more inclined to express some curiosity — in other words, demonstrate to Carly that she is “ready” to find out.

As it is, Willow has no reason to think that the truth is at all times on the tip of Carly’s tongue. Willow has no reason to think that, were she to whisper, “Wish I knew who my mother was,” Michael’s mom could literally tell her that instant. Willow has no reason to seem especially “ready” to Carly.

That’s where the former Mrs. Corinthos is going to get into a world of trouble. Because when the truth comes out — and we all know it will eventually — Willow could be furious that Carly decided to play God. Never mind that Willow stated that she didn’t want to know. She might feel like, “Jeez, I never would have said that if I had realized that I could know!”

Willow makes a choice GH

“Personally, I’d never keep a secret. Well, except the one I’m keeping.”

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Plus, who is going to believe that Carly kept this secret merely to spare Willow the pain of learning that Wiley’s grandmother is her mother? Gonna guess… um… no one. Because by keeping Willow and Nina in the dark, Carly also kept Nina the hell away from her family. And let’s be real, since Nina took Sonny from Carly, there has got to be a part of Carly that is only too happy to take Nina’s daughter from her.

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