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We didn’t think that we could ship the almost-couple more. We were wrong.

Kudos, General Hospital. Massive ones. The show has managed to turn Spencer and Trina into a supercouple without ever even making them an actual couple yet. And the August 22 episode of ABC’s one and only daytime drama all but ensured that when they finally, finally get together, we’re going to need smelling salts, it’s going to be so romantic.

spencer ava

Ava’s totally Team Sprina. She doesn’t doesn’t want to admit it.

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First, Spencer rehashed his secret plan to exonerate Trina with Ava, who predictably was having none of it. To her, it scarcely mattered that her stepson had always been Team Trina. “From the moment she met you, she insisted there was good in you despite the lies, despite Esme,” Ava noted. “She believed in you.”

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Yet Spencer hadn’t let Trina know that he also believed in her. As we all know, he thought that he was doing the right thing. But, as Ava pointed out, for Trina, that was majorly painful.

Rory wants make it up to Trina GH

At least Trina had Rory around as a pain reliever.

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Mind you, that scene didn’t include the line that tipped us off to just how swoon-worthy Spencer and Trina’s eventual coming together was going to be. That came later, when he was checking in with Britt to make sure that everything was copasetic between them. She asked how Trina had reacted to the revelation that her crush had always been in her corner. And with a stunning earnestness, this is how Spencer replied.

“She doesn’t know. She’s never going to,” he said. “Trina was never mine to lose. I never had her. I never deserved her.

“What Trina deserves,” he added, “is to forget about me and be happy.” (Rewatch the clip below.)

Foolish, maybe. But noble in that way that kids can be. And so, so romantic, not to mention beautifully played by Nicholas Alexander Chavez, who imbues Nikolas’ son with stunning soulfulness. With that one line, for us, the stakes were raised on “Sprina” (and they were pretty high to begin with). Spencer doesn’t think that they are ever going to happen. In a way, he doesn’t want them to.

So when “Sprina” does at last get together… cue the violins. It’s going to be a capital-M Moment that’s destined to catapult the duo into supercouple territory.

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