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Brace yourselves because this is one harsh truth!

There’s nothing quite like a slow build when it comes to daytime romance. Throw a new pair together too quickly and fans won’t buy it… but do it too slowly and you’ll eventually lose them! Take General Hospital’s Anna and Valentin.

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Their love has been ages in the making, but they just can’t quite seem to cross that final line and make it into couples territory. It doesn’t help that Valentin’s MIA half the time, of course, but hopefully we’ll get some sort of resolution for the two soon! Well, as much as they can get resolution.

And that, James Patrick Stuart noted in a recent Facebook Live Q&A for General Hospital is something that’s gravely in doubt. The actor sat down with his fellow Cassadines and answered a few questions, one of which was, naturally, about whether “Vanna” would be heating up!

“They’ve set the stage for that for a long time now,” Stuart mused. A long time. It’s been building pretty much since Valentin’s day one! Sure, it turns out it was her twin Alex posing as Anna who’d originally gotten him all hot and bothered decades ago, but that doesn’t make his feelings for Anna were any less pure.

Well, pure maybe isn’t the right word. Strong might be more what we’re looking for.

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Is passion as far as these two will ever go?

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“I just love the notion that it was a love that was bordering on obsession for Valentin,” said Stuart. “He had no business thinking he could ever have her in his life. And yet circumstances have come into play that they find themselves staring longingly at each other and kissing from time to time.”

He hopes, though, that their longing stares and stolen kisses will heat up shortly. But that comes with both good and bad news.

“It better happen fast,” the actor explained on the Live chat, “because reality will come crashing down and they’ll realize that nothing beyond infatuation exists. There’s no way they’re going to live happily ever after.”

Wait, what? Say it ain’t so!

The relationship, he said, would be “exciting and raunchy and wrong,” but that wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing in Stuart’s mind. He’d love to go there.

Still, that doesn’t make for a stable foundation. But does any of that really matter? When it comes to love, doing what the head tells us is the right thing and giving into what the heart wants are two different things.

“Will they go for it anyways?” Stuart mused. Good money says the answer to that is going to be yes! But will they be able to buck fate and build something that works or is the actor right in that they don’t have a prayer of much beyond some steamy fun?

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Only time will tell with that, but that doesn’t mean we can’t weight in. What do you think? After all these years, are “Vanna” destiny or just a quickie? Sound off below, “Vanna” fans!

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