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Credit: Unique Nicole/Getty Images

It’s a soap within a soap behind the scenes at the ABC Studios.

General Hospital newcomer Evan Hofer (Dex) shared a video on his Instagram of what went down when Maurice Benard (Sonny) recently called him into his dressing room. With Hofer sitting next to his co-star, who began going over what appeared to be their ABC soap script, Benard abruptly stopped reading and admitted, “Anyway, listen, this is not what I called you here for.”

Hofer wondered what was on Benard’s mind, to which the Daytime Emmy Award-winning actor revealed, “I’m just having a bit of a problem again with Marcus [Coloma, Nikolas] bothering the hell out of me.”

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Those who follow Benard and Coloma know the castmates love to have fun and have posted various videos of them doing just that — and recently, Hofer has been featured in the mix. So, to pull Hofer into the latest backstage shenanigans, Benard explained that he and Coloma were going to shoot another video to go viral but just as a backup… “I don’t want you to say anything to him,” Benard stated, to which Hofer insisted he wouldn’t.

Suddenly, Coloma appeared in Benard’s dressing room and said, “Hey guys.” After he closed the door, he asked, “What are you doing?” Benard and Hofer, though a bit flustered, claimed they were just going over their script, but Coloma appeared suspicious and asked to see it. Benard picked that exact moment to make a clean getaway — with the script in hand — and left Hofer alone to face Coloma’s wary glare.

Fans can’t get enough of “these videos,” like Angela Monaco DiGenio commented, as Annie shared, “Love it, you guys are hilarious, can’t wait to see what comes next.”

Stay tuned!

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