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She’s had her fair share of upset as of late and how she decides to move forward could change her life forever.

On Tuesday, August 16, General Hospital viewers watched as Terry confirmed the news to Willow that she has leukemia. Willow, of course, was concerned about her unborn child and though Terry wanted to finalize a treatment plan, Willow promised to be in touch and left the hospital in shock.

In the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, Katelyn MacMullen previewed what’s ahead for her character and confirmed what fans already suspected, “I think the baby’s health is more on Willow’s mind than her own at this point.”

Given that Willow already lost one child, the thought of losing another is something she cannot bear. Though the medical team has given her advice, and Terry and Britt want to begin treatment right away — while the cancer is in the early stages — Willow can’t ignore her dilemma… that she’s in the first trimester of her pregnancy.

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“If she starts treatment at that juncture, there is more of a chance there could be complications such as miscarriage,” MacMullen shared. “So, she has to decide between starting her treatment immediately and trying to cut off the cancer as soon as possible or waiting,.” And we all know what that means. “The cancer could spread,” she continued. “But the baby has a better chance of surviving.” In the end, the actress stated, “It’s a huge decision to make.”

Whatever she decides could be a matter of life or death for her and her unborn child, which in turn will impact Michael’s life as well since the woman he loves has cancer. And even though Willow is taking a breather to adsorb this devastating diagnosis, as previewed in the General Hospital spoilers, next week not only does she take a meeting with Britt, Willow sits Michael down for a talk as well.

Let’s just hope she tells him the truth because one thing’s for sure… she should not be going through this alone.

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