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Credit: ABC

One little girl’s special creation was enough to make a Daytime Emmy Award-winning actor’s day.

It’s probably not out of the ordinary for various gifts to arrive at the ABC Studios for General Hospital’s Maurice Benard (Sonny) but one that was recently hand delivered simply melted the actor’s heart — and he posted a video to capture the sweet moment with the actress who plays his onscreen daughter Avery.

On the set of the ABC soap, with the ever-so cute Grace Scarola sitting by his side, Benard recalled a time when their castmate Jophielle Love (Violet) drew a picture of the two of them and presented it to him during her appearance on his State of Mind internet show. He then relayed, “Beautiful Grace, who plays my daughter, Avery, came to me and showed me this.” Benard held up a picture that Scarola made of him.

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“I just used my heart in there,” Scarola told her onscreen dad. “I just did it by heart… that’s why there’s hearts right there and also because I love you.”

Those words were enough for the actor to melt with gratitude. He placed his hand on his heart and replied, “Thank you, I love you too, baby.”

Talk about a precious moment!

Scarola has shared the role of Avery with her sister Ava since 2014 and though the twins spilt their time in Port Charles, they officially headed back to school this week. “And just like that our summer is over…”

And another pic of the adorable duo featured “Double the smiles, double the trouble.”

After watching the video with Grace and Benard, she can do no wrong in our eyes!

To see another photo of the girls together, look through our gallery below featuring soaps’ all-time cutest kids.