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There are “big issues,” said the soap legend.

Two weeks after his anniversary as Scotty Baldwin, Kin Shriner left fans outraged when he cryptically tweeted about “how I was treated by General Hospital after 45 years…

“Big issues,” he added, “but stay tuned!!!”

Though the actor didn’t explain how, exactly, he was treated, it didn’t sound like it was “well.” You’ll recall that Scotty didn’t get a standalone episode on his anniversary. In fact, he wasn’t even on that day. (Read the recap here.)

Shriner’s followers were not pleased. “They better treat you right! We love you and Scotty Baldwin!” tweeted IJM. “They should resurrect Franco and bring Serena home because Scotty deserves to have his best kids back.”

Kathy Hughes flat out panicked. “Better not be killing off Scotty!” she said.

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It’s always #TBT somewhere.

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The powers that be “better stop playing!” exclaimed Tracey in Rankin. “They cannot be doing their veterans dirty!”

Other fans acknowledged the vagueness of Shriner’s tweet. “Always difficult to decipher what you mean,” noted Rolyn with a laugh. “Is that on purpose?”

MS 116 didn’t care what the soap icon was talking about, because “whatever it is, I’m pre-mad on your behalf.”

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Port Charles alum Carly Schroeder guest-starred as Serena back in 2017.

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Hopefully, the “big issues” to which Shriner alludes will be addressed and resolved. In addition to Scotty’s romance with Liesl — a surprise relationship that has utterly delighted viewers — he recently learned (the hard way) that Port Charles newcomer Cody is the son of his late love, Dominique. And Scotty’s recently referenced daughter Serena is a legacy character just waiting to be reintroduced.

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