MARCUS COLOMA nikolas GENERAL HOSPITAL - "General Hospital" airs Monday-Friday, on ABC (check local listings). (ABC/Craig Sjodin)MARCUS COLOMA
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It was a day of fun for this adorable duo.

Those who follow General Hospital’s Marcus Coloma (Nikolas) knows he loves to get behind the camera and sing — and dance — and mess with his castmate Maurice Benard (Sonny). Though we get a kick out of watching the two actors go back and forth with their shenanigans, one recent video really caught our eye and the sing-along was just the cutest ever!

Coloma captured the scene labeled “mini roadtrippin” from inside his car, holding hands with his 13-year-old daughter Coco who was sitting in the passenger’s seat. With the music playing, the father/daughter duo began singing along with The Clash to their 1982 classic “Should I Stay or Should I Go” then quickly jumped in with Biz Markie as the music changed to his 1989 hit “Just a Friend.”

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Then the tunes shifted once again, to which Coloma told Coco, “It starts out kind of fun then it gets really serious.” So, what song was next? Though they turned serious and started singing Gotye’s 2011 single, “Somebody That I Used to Know,” they couldn’t help but burst out into laughter. However, in regards to the next track, Coloma stated, “Great, a kid’s song… kid music.” Even though he seemed disappointed by the genre, he jumped right in and belted out the tune!

But wait, there was more…

You just have to watch the video for yourself — we promise, you’ll be laughing and saying “aw, so cute” at the same time!

In another video, Coloma and Coco documented the day they spent together in Los Angeles, which included dancing, sightseeing and walking hand in hand.

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Of his girl, Coloma expressed back on Father’s Day, “I could happily spend a lifetime in some of these moments. I’m beyond lucky, beyond proud, what an amazing spirit. I got permission to post some oldies.”

It’s always fun seeing the daytime stars with their mini-mes and if you’d like to see more, browse though our gallery below filled with photos of various soap stars with their real-life kids.