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We all do what we can to make it through the day!

Things have been chugging along fairly smoothly for General Hospital’s “Sante,” but lately they’ve hit a bump or two. Despite all of Dante’s assurances that everything’s fine, Sam has understandably been a bit leery about moving into his — and more to the point, Lulu’s — home.

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Yeah, “Lante” has been over for a little while and Lulu’s off being cared for in her coma… but the two were together for ages. Plus, just before she went under, Lulu had every intention of getting back together with Dante!

While spoilers for next week indicate that things might be getting a bit rough for Sam and Dante, the best thing for Lulu would probably be the two of them moving in and building a life together in her old home. Because if there’s one surefire soap rule, it’s that a couple taking the next step means an almost-certain return of an ex!

Of course, Lulu’s return wouldn’t just be good for fans (sorry, Sam!), but it could also be just what portrayer Emme Rylan needs to keep her mind off some of life’s more heartbreaking moments.

The actress opened up recently on her Instagram stories, writing that, “So many of our close friends and family have moved out of L.A. Really feeling the loss of their presence lately.”

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If Lulu were to finally wake up now, we’re pretty sure there’d be no end of tears for her, Dante and Sam ahead!

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Rylan added that she copes with dark times with her nightly Peloton rides, but that doesn’t necessarily make the sadness go away.

“Anyone else crying while they are working out?” she asked. In today’s world? Who isn’t?

Fortunately, Rylan did find a way to end the tears — though she may have wished for something different to do the trick! Her longtime beau, Don Money, decided that what she needed was a movie night. He just could have picked a better movie…

“In case anyone is wondering,” Rylan shared, “Black Phone is terrifying. Not crying anymore but also not sleeping!”

Oops! Well, one step at a time. So long as the crying stopped, we can build off of that! Now to just get Lulu back in Port Charles and giving Sam and Dante something to lose sleep over!

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