Spencer at Trina's trial GH
Credit: ABC screenshot

No one is safe in Port Charles this week.

In the preview for General Hospital for the week of August 15 – 19, the jury in Trina’s case comes back with a verdict, and Carly goes on the offense with Nina. Read on for the scoop and watch the teaser video.

Jordan shows up with the PCPD on the doorstep of Wyndemere with a warrant in hand and asks Nikolas, “How do you want to do this, the easy way, or the hard way?” Victor listens from the background, but even he may not be able to prevent Jordan from entering.

The announcer teases that it’s all or nothing, and no one is safe. Dex and Sonny are shown staring at one another, with Dex looking uncertain. Did his attempt to sway the jury in Trina’s case fail?

Portia looms over Oz, hoping he will wake up and be able to exonerate Trina, but she also knows the drug could kill him and end her career. Willow continues to worry about her condition alone, while something shocks Ava, and it takes a lot to shock Ava.

In her old office at the Metro Court, Carly tells Nina that she deserves everything she’s getting. Has Carly finally found a way to stick it to her nemesis?

Finally, the jury reaches a verdict in Trina’s trial, and Spencer looks aghast. Will she be found innocent, or guilty?

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Video: General Hospital/Facebook