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When you wish upon a falling star…

Never let it be said that General Hospital’s Nicholas Alexander Chavez is even remotely dull! Sure, Spencer may have all that Cassadine money and Esme drama, but from rock climbing to road trips to poetry, his portrayer has made it clear he’s out living his best life. And now he can add jumping from a plane to that list of incredible experiences.

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Chavez started the day off with little more than a tease in his Instagram stories, sitting on the curb, a huge smile on his face as he took a selfie with the caption, “About to go skydiving. Stay tuned.”

We were left guessing what happened for hours. Was it fun? Did he go through with it? Did the parachute open or did he go full Esme-on-the-parapets??

We finally got our answer when Chavez returned to social media that evening with a tweet and a photo that can only be described as pure, exhilarating joy. And that caption was just about perfect too.

“I went skydiving and fell faster than Spencer did for Trina,” the actor cheekily shared, “and that’s saying something.”

Some fans cracked that they were glad he survived (OK, so we aren’t the only ones with an irrational fear of parachute failure), while others let him know how awesome it is that he throws so much support behind Spencer and Trina’s beloved pairing!

The really exciting news, though, is that the young actor didn’t just get one pic, but a ton!

He added more from the big event over on Instagram, starting off with a photo of him and his diving partner, writing that, “Friends who dive together thrive together!”

The post was even better once we realized he got video of the jump and after it too! Chavez literally does not stop smiling the entire time, from the first pic with his friend on the tarmac to the last video where he throws his arms wide on the ground, floored by the experience.

“Bro,” he exclaims in it, “that was amazing! That was amazing! That was absolutely incredible!”

Check out the whole jaw-dropping experience below.

Tajh Bellow (T.J.) commented on the whole, incredible event, writing a fiery, “My guy living,” and we couldn’t have put it better if we’d tried!

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