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She’s made sure fans know just how much their love is appreciated!

Few pairings on General Hospital lately have gotten viewers quite as excited as “Sprina.” It’s hardly surprising, of course. The two have all the makings of a great soap couple — forbidden love thwarted by a cruel schemer, courtroom intrigue, redemption, of a sorts, as Spencer has realized the truth about Esme and his feelings for Trina. Plus, they’re just downright cute together.

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Then there’s the fact that since Tabyana Ali has stepped into Trina’s shoes, she’s proven she’s one of the kindest folks in the soap industry and the she really, truly appreciates the fandom. Heck, she even encouraged her fans defending her from haters to respond with kindness, rather than anger! So yeah, it’s hard not to become invested when you love both the characters and the actors.

Recently, Ali went and proved once again how amazing she is when she shared a special announcement on Twitter.

“Hey y’all,” she excitedly tweeted. “So, I want to be able to have and cherish all the fan edits and art that y’all have created, so I made a Gmail specifically for that. I would love all and any fans arts. Love ya!”

Ali’s fans, of course, were beyond touched at the gesture. Being able to spread your creative wings and make something for the characters, actors and shows that you love is one of fandom’s true joys.

A number of folks noted that they’d soon be sending some of their pieces to the actress, and when one viewer mentioned that the actress’ new inbox would be blowing up, another responded saying that Ali had already gotten what she’d sent and written back! So it’s clear she’s truly taking the time to appreciate what’s being created and sent.

“How genuinely and amazingly kind of you,” KelMc100 wrote. “I’m an old lady soap fan and this is one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen from a soap star in all of my years of soap fandom.”

Annasbesttop1 agreed whole heartedly, explaining that, “As someone who has made multiple fan edits over the years, you have no idea how special this feels!”

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So, yeah, Ali gets it — and she’ll be getting a lot more as fans share their Trina and “Sprina” love. For anyone looking to share their own art with the actress, feel free to e-mail

We’re sure she’ll appreciate it just as much as you do!

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