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Now that’s a blast from the past! 

Viewers got one heck of a shock today when General Hospital’s Cody Bell revealed that he was not Katherine Bell’s son as some fans mused, but Dominique Baldwin’s! Now, to be fair, they weren’t far off, seeing as how the two women are half-sisters.

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On top of that, it means that Cody’s Serena’s brother, though that doesn’t make him Scotty’s kid — or Lucy’s! Confused?

For those needing a refresher course, the wealthy Dominique Stanton Taub was introduced in 1991 (played by Tawny Feré Ellis) when Mac just happened to wander onto her estate (He was hiding out with Robert and Anna from the local sheriff. It was a whole big thing.) and the lady of the manor immediately took a shining to him. Dominique, though, was married to Leopold Taub and trapped in abusive, loveless relationship…

Oh and she was deaf at the time. It didn’t last.

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Mac soon brought Dominique back to Port Charles to hide her from her husband, but Leopold followed to battle it out for his wife. Luckily, the loud shots from the ensuing gunfight miraculous restored Dominique’s hearing. Unluckily, Leopold got the upper hand and had her committed to Shadybrook, wrenching her away from Mac.

But karma’s a you-know-what, and it wasn’t long before Leopold dropped dead. And by dropped dead, we mean that he was killed after getting mixed up in a global cartel. He left his money to his wife and, now free, she fell well and truly head-over-heals in love with Mac. It didn’t take long, though, for their relationship to grow strained after Robert’s “death” and the two went their separate ways.

Shell Danielson took over the roll in 1992, and by now, Dominique was pretty firmly established in Port Charles. Looking for something to do, she teamed up with Scotty and Julia Barrett (Brenda’s older half-sister) to found Deception Cosmetics. Eventually, that landed her in Las Vegas with Scotty, which is when the two of them woke up one morning hungover and married! Naturally, a divorce was in order… but they figured they’d see what the whole marriage thing felt like before filing.

In short order, the two fell in love for real, but this was, sadly, the beginning of the end.

Dominique was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor and only had months to live. Scotty gave her an extravagant second wedding, then the two set about having a child together. Lucy agreed to carry Dominique’s fertilized egg and gave birth to Serena, though the tot’s biological mother only lived long enough to hear the baby’s heartbeat before she died in Scotty’s arms. The one silver lining in all this, though was that she left him a boatload of money.

And that was the last we saw of her… almost! She did make an appearance on Port Charles a few years later as a ghost to meet Serena and guide Scotty on a journey to open his heart back up.

1998: (L-R) Shell Danielson, Carly Schroeder on 'Port Charles'. dominique serena gh getty

If Cody is her son (Scotty seems to have his doubts), he’d have been born sometime before Mac found her and brought her back to Port Charles. Whether she was with Leopold or not when Cody was born is unclear, but he doesn’t seem to be the wealthy man’s son. Cody says his last name comes from the family who raised him when Dominique couldn’t — or wouldn’t!

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As for the Bell family, Katherine was the daughter of Dominique’s dad and the family cook, Kimberly Bell, but neither Katherine nor Dominique knew this until after the latter’s death. Scott pointed out that the two were sisters, but that doesn’t mean Cody realized he was being raised by his aunt’s family… If he’s telling the truth!

As for who his father is and what he had to do with Dominique, well, that’s anybody’s guess. Since Cody himself admitted to Britt that he’s not too clear on that matter, either, we guess that’s the next big mystery!

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