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What’s in store sure seems like it’s going to be music to our ears.

We know, we know. General Hospital is only having Brook Lynn push Chase to give up crime-fighting to take up pop-singing as part of a scheme to finally beat Linc at his own game. But there is an incredible upside to the batty plot for viewers: It looks like we’re getting a new Frisco Jones!

Of course, on paper, it’s silly. Cop by day, rock star by night. In a way, that’s part of the fun of it. (And that’s if Chase is even allowed to punch back in at the PCPD.) It’s a fantasy — big and bold, dreamy and unexpected. That’s just part of the appeal, though.

Linc makes Chase offers GH

“Lemme float an idea by you… ”

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When was the last time General Hospital made headlines outside of the daytime press? Probably not since Anthony Geary’s Luke Spencer was killed off, right? And even that was a blip. There and gone in a single news cycle. What Chase-as-a-pop-idol could do for the show is introduce it to scores of new viewers.

It’s an easy sell. “Hey, look, world! General Hospital has on its hands a new Frisco!” Who wouldn’t want to find out what that was all about? And when they did find out what that was all about, they’d be all in. How could they not be?

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Jack Wagner performing on American Bandstand (Photo by Ron Wolfson/WireImage)

Certainly, Josh Swickard has what it takes to make listeners swoon. He’s as easy on the eyes as he is on the ears. And if the soap promoted him by having Chase record and release a single a la Jack Wagner’s “All I Need” — and set him up as a guest on Good Morning America, The View, Jimmy Kimmel Live! — it could wind up with a Billboard chart-topper to rival former Noah Rick Springfield’s “Jessie’s Girl.”

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