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It makes a soapy kind of sense…

General Hospital fans have been reading the writing on the wall for a while now. What it says, in big, bold letters, is that Willow’s condition is going to worsen, and in order to provide Michael and their unborn child with the love they deserve after she’s — gulp — gone, she’s going to try to facilitate a reunion between him and old flame Sasha.

Gladys thinks Sasha on drugs GH

“I am not down with this idea.”

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There’s Just One Thing… Maybe Two

That’s sorta cruel when you think about it. Yes, Sasha and Brando are (her drug problem) having (her drug problem) issues (her drug problem). But they deserve a chance to work things out.

Under other circumstances, Willow would surely wish them the very best. If she does come to think that she’s dying, however, all bets may be off. She likely would develop tunnel vision about safeguarding a happy future for Michael and their tot-to-be.

“Brando’s young,” she might figure. “He’ll fall in love again.”

Brando tries to reason with Sasha

“But I don’t want another wife.”

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Ignorance Isn’t Bliss

The second big issue with Willow moving in that direction is Michael, whom she loves. Wouldn’t any of our significant others want to know what was up if we suddenly started nudging them toward someone else? Wouldn’t they feel terribly betrayed to find out later that we were dying?

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Kinda think so. So although such a plot might show Willow’s love for Michael, it doesn’t show a whole lotta respect for him. If he’s at all a good partner, he has earned the right to be there for his sweetheart.

willow and michael talk problem gh

Man, if I don’t die, Michael will never forgive me for this one!”

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Fantastic Fallout

If Willow is successful in her attempt to play matchmaker, it perfectly sets up the one-two punch of her being saved (and discovering in the process that Nina is her mother), only to find Michael unavailable to pick up where they left off. What do you think? Is the show headed in this direction? While you ponder the possibility…

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