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If the peacock network wants to throw away an hour to which soap fans have flocked for decades, we know exactly the countermove that the alphabet network should make.

Apparently, NBC hasn’t heard that everything runs in cycles. So rather than stand by Days of Our Lives until daytime makes such a dramatic comeback that it’s forced to bring back Another World or introduce a new soap, it’s moving the Salem-set sudser to its streaming service, Peacock, and giving that hour every day to another news show.

This just in: We get enough news, thank you. More than enough.

In Rolf's lab, Stefan is hooked up to machines with a glowing blue light protruding from his stomach

This is pretty much us watching the news, never mind extra news.

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Nevertheless, maybe this will work out swell for the powers that be. Maybe it will make Peacock full-enough buckets of money that Days of Our Lives will continue on for another 57 years. Regardless, an opportunity has just been presented to ABC and General Hospital that they would be crazy not to seize!

Time for General Hospital to Flex Its Muscle

If NBC is abandoning the audience that so devotedly tuned in to Days of Our Lives, ABC and General Hospital should pick up those disenfranchised viewers by putting in that time slot another soap, whether a spinoff, a reboot of One Life to Live (we have our own idea about that!) or an altogether new daytime drama. (We’d suggest an All My Children remix, but a primetime version is said to be in the works already.)

Why would such an idea work?

General Hospital viewers, who so often (understandably) complain that their favorite storylines get dropped for weeks at a time, could actually watch a whole show dedicated to them. Call it Port Charles like the 1997-2003 offshoot that focused on Scotty, Lucy, Kevin and, ultimately, vampires.

Unspecified - 2001: Michael Easton promotional photo for 'Port Charles'. (Photo by Mitchell Haaseth /ABC via Getty Images)

ABC never should have snuffed out Port Charles and Caleb (Michael Easton, Finn).

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Then separate the cast of General Hospital into the two shows. We could still have crossovers and visits and all that. But we’d never have to see the characters that we like best warm the bench. They’d just be doing their thing on General Hospital 2!

Learn From Your Mistakes

Somewhere in the halls of ABC, someone has to still rue the day that the network cancelled All My Children and One Life to Live, legacy dramas with a viewership more passionate than the audiences of any show that has ever taken their place. This is the network’s opportunity to right that wrong and return to the glory days of Love in the Afternoon. (Recall just how glorious it was here.)

Sure, we’re only talking about two soaps now instead of an entire day’s worth. But can you even begin to fathom the amount of excitement and goodwill that would be generated by ABC recommitting to the daytime-drama genre? Through. The. Roof.

Stacy Haiduk, Robert Scott Wilson susan ben days jj

“Don’t cry, Susan. Lemme just get my shirt off. It’ll all be fine.”

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And would any veteran fan not tune in to see what the show was like? Of course, we’d be there in droves — dragging the next generation with us. Just put it on the air, make it freaking fantastic, and let the audience say thanks with an enthusiasm that would be all but unrivaled.

Here, we’ll even give ABC some inspiration. Look through the below photo gallery of General Hospital over the years and remember just how shiny daytime’s Golden Age really was.