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Sonny and Brenda’s portrayers knew just what to say!

Here’s a little pro tip: When scamming folks, try to have some idea of who you’re scamming before you move in for the kill. If, for instance, you’re impersonating someone who actually knows the person you’re claiming to be representing, you might want to steer clear of them. Here’s a second pro tip: Don’t scam people!

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Sadly, not everyone follows such sound advice. Some people, in fact, barely follow logic. General Hospital alum Vanessa Marcil shared a recent screenshot on her Instagram stories of a message sent to her from someone claiming to work for her former co-star, Maurice Benard. We’ve transcribed the message verbatim below, so please don’t come at us for the would-be scammer’s “grammar!”

“Hello,” the fake Instagram account wrote to Marcil, “this is the manager to Maurice Benard, You got chosen as a result of your likes and nice words on his post he has been observing your love and support towards his career i really don’t know what else he wants to say to you that you should find out from him.”

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“And that’s when I realized they had no idea who I was!”

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We suppose it does make some sense. Marcil and Benard do their share of interacting on social media — seeing as how they’re actual friends in real life and have worked together for years! So, yeah, we’re sure he has observed her “love and support towards his career.”

“How amazing,” Marcil deadpanned in her hysterical response. “Can I send him a bunch of money through you?”

No word on whether Benard’s “manager” responded in the affirmative or not… but good money says that’s where they were hoping to go next! Though how they’d get there from that rambling first message is anyone’s guess. We aren’t exactly dealing with a criminal mastermind here.

Shortly after, Benard shared Marcil’s screenshot on his own Instagram stories and we found out what else he wanted to say: “Kill me now.”

Well, not exactly the uplifting message of gratitude the scammer may have been implying, but hey, it was nice to hear from the actor himself on the matter! Though maybe we don’t need to do anything quite as drastic as killing him.

But someone should probably try to kill that fake account. So, as Marcil added later, if you see the account mauricebenard__129 still active on Instagram, report them!

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