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“I’m tired of seeing her as a victim!”

Things might have gone so much better for the folks running General Hospital‘s official Twitter feed had they just left out one word. Instead, however, they not only used it, but put it in parenthesis as if to indicate they knew just how problematic it would be for many. The word?


In sharing a scene from the August 2 episode, the show tweeted, “Finn (respectfully) disagrees with Elizabeth’s assessment of her state of mind.”

You could almost hear someone in the distance shouting, “Unleash the hounds!” Because for some time now, many have felt as if Finn’s approach has been more akin to mansplaining than respecting. “Every time we see Elizabeth,” replied Susan, “we hear Finn say this, Finn did this, Finn feels this. Whose story is this?” She went on to say that Liz tends to lose her identity in storylines, which become more about the man she’s involved with than the longtime heroine. “[For] the love of God, stop giving Finn the center of Liz’s story!”

Over and over, those responding to the original tweet took issue with the use of the word “respectfully.”

“Your use of the word respectfully indicates to me that you are aware of the pushback from the fans,” tweeted Bushwackerbob, who added that Finn’s “penchant to play hero has morphed into stalkerish territory by refusing to give her space.”

Another tweeter, soapsudsy, put things a tad more bluntly: “(Respectfully), Finn can take a long walk off a short pier so Liz can be the center of her own story.”

Still others pointed out another problem that has plagued this story of late: the pacing. “I like Elizabeth a lot, but I’m tired of seeing her as a victim,” wrote Michele. “Especially when a [storyline] is teased and then she disappears for a month.”

Of course, others were quick to defend Finn, insisting that he was simply behaving the way someone concerned about a loved one might. “Finn has the patience of a saint,” insisted Debbie. “He’s trying so hard to be respectful, yet he sees Liz is in serious trouble.”

The vast majority, however, thought Finn was doing more harm than good. “If I was in a relationship and knew the person was in a fugue state or dissociating,” pointed out Subby63, “the last thing I’d do is proclaim my love to them or trust what they say to me about how they feel. I know Finn isn’t a psychiatrist, but he is a doctor and should know this is what’s happening!”

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