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Contemplate the possibilities of Esme and Nelle, the tag team from hell.

No one really believes that General Hospital has killed off its most vicious pot-stirrer since Nelle, right? Right. So the only question is how Esme will be returned to the land of the living. So far, the most diabolically creative answer we’ve heard has come from a fan who posted in’s message boards.


“What if somehow Esme and Nelle find each other and decide to descend on Port Charles for ‘revenge,'” suggested sweetdreams11, adding that Avery Kristen Pohl and Chloe Lanier “are phenomenal.”

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True that. And the havoc that the tag team could wreak… it’s almost unthinkable, isn’t it? Imagine if they came back to Port Charles, soaked to the bone, each telling a heartrending sob story. Nelle would insist that Carly hadn’t tried to keep her from making a splash but had instead attempted to send her to a watery grave. Esme, in turn, would accuse Ava of doing more than merely telling her to take a flying leap.

Suddenly, Esme would find herself in a position to broker a deal that would keep her from going to prison for making public Josslyn and Cameron’s first time in exchange for not pressing charges against Ava. And Nelle would play the same Get Out of Jail Free card on Carly to put off her own judgment day — and worm her way back into son Wiley’s life.

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Short of Willow finding out that Nina is her mother, it would be Carly’s nightmare scenario. Only now her nightmare would be even more horrific, because if Willow learned the truth… ack! She and newfound sister Nelle would be tied to Carly’s archenemy, Nina.

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