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Our biggest days are made so much better when we get to share them with others.

It’s not every day you turn 25 — or rather, your character does! Well, technically General Hospital‘s beloved Liz Webber is a bit older than that, but Rebecca Herbst just celebrated a quarter century of playing the heroine. And it’s truly an achievement that not only did she originate the character, she’s been the only one to play her on a regular basis in all that time (though Martha Madison did fill in beautifully while Herbst recovered from meningitis once).

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Of course, celebrating that incredible milestone would be enough to make anyone feel special, but it was the love Herbst felt that truly pushed her over the edge of happiness. She made that abundantly clear in a series of tweets to her fans. 

“Ok,” the General Hospital vet wrote on Twitter, “I haven’t had the chance to peek at everything and I was told there’s more to come. But what I know for sure is that I definitely feel loved. It’s like a party exploded in my dressing room! I’ll jump back on in a bit… what a beautiful day!”

The official General Hospital Twitter account shared just a small glimpse at the love that was showered upon Herbst, but it looks like the actress had her share of flowers and gifts to go through on her special day!

“And now I’m crying,” Herbst tweeted shortly after. But, she clarified, they were “Happy, overwhelming, grateful tears.” She then went on to let her beloved fans know that “you guys seriously spoil me.”

The spoiling didn’t end there, of course, because, as we noted earlier in the week, the actress’ fans have been very vocal about giving her a storyline worthy of her quarter century milestone. Though they’d also have appreciated a special episode just for Liz! Hopefully, there’s more to come for Herbst and we see Elizabeth front and center where she belongs, sooner, rather than later.

Then fans will really have something to cheer.

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