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Credit: ABC screenshot

“Ding dong, the witch is dead!” cried viewers when Esme went over the parapet at Wyndemere. But they may have missed the big picture.

Almost since General Hospital introduced the character of Esme, viewers have hated her. Some loved to hate the conniver, others just plain hated her. So when her altercation with Ava in the August 1 episode sent Ryan’s daughter plunging from the parapet at Wyndemere, many a fan rejoiced.

Side note: By now, shouldn’t Nikolas have made that damn parapet impossible to get to? How many people have fallen off of it at this point? When the statistics come out every year that reveal the leading cause of death, “that parapet” should be on the list! But back to the topic at hand…

What the audience may not have considered is that if Esme is really, most sincerely dead, so are Trina’s chances of being exonerated in the bogus case against her. And if she’s sent to prison, the romance with Spencer for which we’ve been clamoring will be well and truly over before it ever had a chance to begin.

Of course, that’s if Esme is dead. And do any of us really believe that she is? Show of hands? No one? Yeah, us, either. That being the case, it should be just a matter of time before she washes up and is finally forced to do what for her is the unthinkable: tell the truth.

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