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Gotta give the fans what they want!

Folks who follow General Hospital‘s Kin Shriner on Twitter recently may have noticed a singularly glorious tweet featuring a photo of a Chippendales calendar with none other than Scotty himself front and center on the cover! Of course, he wasn’t the only model, as the Soap Studs 1983 calendar cover featured several tantalizing photos with facial hair, Speedos and the promise of great things inside.

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But what in the world was the story behind this absolutely amazing calendar?! Well, it started out, as Shriner tweeted, on Maurice Benard’s (Sonny) State of Mind. And it was, in an amusing way, Shriner trying to keep up with Jacklyn Zeman (Bobbie) and her amazing tales of her time as a Playboy Bunny!

“I worked for Hugh Hefner for two and a half years,” Zeman recalled. She was a college pre-med and Playboy paid well enough to pay for her school! You can’t beat that. And the timing couldn’t have been better, mostly, she noted, because “I was the youngest bunny they ever hired. The day I turned 18, I got hired.

At this point Shriner cut in to crack, “Were those old bunnies mean to you?”

On the contrary, said Zeman, former Playboy After Dark co-host “Barbi Benton’s still my friend!”

Benard exclaimed his love for Barbi, and Zeman readily agreed. The actress was working in the New York club at the time, and explained that Barbi’s three or four years older than her, and “when you’re 18 and somebody’s like 21,” they just seem like the coolest people alive. “I loved that job, that was a fun job.”

When Benard asked if she just had to walk around the club, Zeman told him, no, no, she was really working.

“[Hefner] started me magazine,” Zeman explained, Playboy Movie Theatre, Great Gorge [Playboy Club], I was third base on the softball team, I promoted his record company in Rio de Janeiro. I traveled kind of the world working for Hugh Hefner, so I learned how to do TV shows and a lot of movie training with him.”

“You worked hard and made a lot of money,” she concluded. “It was fun!”

And this is where Shriner’s calendar came in. Well, after Benard jokingly asked if he was a bunny too.

“I was a Chippendale,” Shriner corrected him. “I did a Chippendales calendar once! Yeah, I did.”

Zeman said she’d love to see it and asked if he still had it, and yeah, Shriner replied, he just found it recently — as we can clearly see from his tweet!

“It was not that risqué, though,” he admitted. “It was shirtless.”

Not even, as Benard asked, in Speedos. Other actors were in them (as we could see), but no, Shriner replied, they weren’t for him.

“It was just 12 soap opera actors that were hot at the time,” he recalled. It is not easy to find much info on, but we did manage to find a link that at least shows who all was in it. Actors from Another WorldThe Edge of NightDays of Our Lives — this thing had it all!

Check it out to see if you remember all the stars, then check out Zeman and Shriner’s conversation below!

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