Spencer takes the stand GH
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There are big things popping in Port Charles!

Holy crap, it looks as if not only is General Hospital‘s Esme finally being busted, but in every way imaginable! As the episode airing on July 28 drew to a close, Spencer was taking the stand at Trina’s trial even as Esme, looking to get outta town while the getting’s still good, was confronted by Ava. Given how hiss-worthy Esme’s been of late, we could practically hear the audience cheer when Ava growled, “You conniving little whore!”

We’ve already set our alarm to go off 10 minutes before tomorrow’s episode so that we have time to make popcorn.

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Of course, the big question is what Spencer will say and how it will impact Trina’s fate in the short-term and their relationship in the long run. Unfortunately, even if he does somehow manage to prove that she was not the one responsible for uploading the sex tape, there’s another big issue that could prevent Spencer and Trina from being together. Because although he’s been working to clear her name for months, he never shared that with Trina. Something tells us that rather than dub him a hero, she might find herself asking, “How can I trust you when you didn’t trust me enough to share your plan?”

Trina is through with Spencer

There’s also another possibility: Given that Spencer hasn’t been able to get Esme to confess, might he do so himself? Could the young man decide that since he brought Esme into their lives, the only noble thing to do is to clear Trina’s name by claiming he’d uploaded the tape?

Lest anyone thing the trial drama is over, next week, Trina will have a chance to tell her side of the story. But as anyone who’s ever seen Law & Order knows, taking the stand in one’s own defense can often be a huge mistake. Will the young beauty clear her name… or only serve to make a bad situation worse?

Meanwhile, we’re more than ready to see Ava tear into Esme. Already, the blonde made it clear exactly what she thought of Nikolas for having slept with another woman. “Hardly a woman!” she sniffed. “Young enough to be your daughter!”

She then went on to accuse Nikolas of always having been a coward, “scurrying away from your problems instead of facing them.” If she was that harsh with a man she loves, despite his faults, imagine what she’s got in store for Esme?

Other big-ticket items on the agenda for Friday’s episode include a potentially explosive situation unfolding when Brando finds Dex and Michael with their heads together and suggests perhaps they should all go have a chat with Sonny. Might the secret alliance between Sonny’s son and the newcomer be exposed?

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