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This timeline may just have been sped up!

How long have Carly and Drew have been doing their little dance on General Hospital now? They’ve been growing closer and closer for months but never quite manage to take things to the next level. They locked lips way back in February, then pulled back. But at the time, that had seemed to be about to get the ball rolling, and by April Laura Wright declared she was all in on Carly and Drew.

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Yet somehow, here we are over three months later and we’re still waiting for the two to make their move! (Well, some folks are. “CarSon” fans are probably never hopping on this particular train!)

Then, on this Monday’s episode, it looked like we’d finally get another lip lock when Carly invited Drew to stay for some private champagne… only for Sonny to burst in and ruin the moment! Did he squash things before they could really get started with his rant about Josslyn or just speed this budding relationship up?

Our guess is it’s the latter!

Look, it’s hard to move on from your ex, especially when they’re always going to be a part of your life. Both Carly and Sonny realize they have to coexist. Sonny made as much clear to Nina, who admitted she isn’t thrilled about always feeling like she has to deal with Carly’s long shadow. And Carly pointed something similar out to Josslyn when she asked her to ease up and not blow up the family any more than it already has been.

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But there was also something telling in Carly saying to Joss that she can’t move on if she has to worry about her daughter going after Sonny. Yes, on the one hand, that’s her admitting that something’s still holding her back. But it also means that she wants to move on. She’s ready to move on. And Sonny just cemented that further.

Telling a strong willed woman like Carly that her daughter needs to be reined in? Oh, no, Sonny. Just no. That’s not who Carly is and that’s not who she raised her daughter to be. (Even if she did tell Josslyn to play nice when the don wasn’t around.) Then for Sonny to keep going and threaten Carly further with that “you’ve got more to lose than your hotel” nonsense was just icing on the mistake cake. As she herself put it, that’s not someone she wants in her life any more than has to be for Donna.

Even worse for him, Carly seemed to relish the encounter. Sonny, she noted after he left, was just where she wanted him — and it certainly wasn’t in her bed! The mob boss is her past and it was clear just before he interrupted that Carly’s begun viewing Drew as her future. And after that heated encounter, we have a feeling that whatever hold Sonny still had on Carly that might have been making her drag her feet was just loosened even further.

When Drew and Carly do lock lips again, there’s a good chance it won’t end until they’re both in bed together. And from there? Well, we have a feeling Carly will soon be asking, “Sonny who?”

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