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Sometimes it’s good to just sit back and reflect.

Life, as we know, can all too easily get away from us. We spend so much time running around, worrying about what’s to come, that we forget to take the time to appreciate what we have. It’s a lesson General Hospital‘s James Patrick Stuart understands well — though Valentin may have a bit of a tougher time grasping it. The life of a Cassadine never seems to slow down.

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The actor, though, lost his father just a year and a half ago. Chad Stuart, greatly famous in his own right as one half of British pop duo Chad & Jeremy, lost his battle with pneumonia in December of 2020. At the time, Stuart shared a touching tribute to his dad, the man to whom he released his own musical album, The Apple Tree, as a gift.

It’s clear how much Stuart’s father meant to him, so there’s something beautiful about the fact that in some way, his dad can still lend him some quiet and peace.

“Writing from some quiet contemplation as I sit in the very room my father took his last breath,” Stuart tweeted. “Grateful to be here. Humbled by the gift it is to be alive and healthy and loved. I spend my time on a million other distractions and take so much for granted. But not in this moment.

It’s certainly a lesson worth learning: Slow down and take some time to appreciate all that we have, rather than all the we’ve lost. Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis) weighed in to note that it’s something she, too, was doing, while Laura Wright (Carly) simply had one word for him: “Beautiful.”

Maybe, after reading this, it’s something we all can try keep in mind for one day, at least.

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