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Diane has a surprise in store for her client.

To put it mildly, things aren’t going so well for General Hospital heroine Trina. She’s standing trial for releasing a video of best friend Josslyn’s first time with boyfriend Cameron — and, needless to say, is not guilty. She’s pining for Spencer, who she thinks is still boo’d up with conniving Esme. And, although she’s got a lot of people in her corner, she still can’t but feel cornered.

The Turning Point? Eh, Maybe Not

That could all change this week, however. As Trina’s trial continues, Spencer takes the stand, Soap Opera Digest reports. He knows very well that she is innocent — they were together in the cemetery when the video went public. Alas, rather than land himself in hot water, he fails to provide her with that alibi. “You can feel her hurt and frustration,” Tabyana Ali tells the magazine.

Holding Out Hope

On the plus side, Spencer doesn’t vouch for Esme’s whereabouts at the time that the crime was committed. So there is at least a little bit of room for Trina to remain optimistic, especially with Diane pleading her case.

Of course, what Trina doesn’t know is that while all of this is going on, Spencer is secretly working to blackmail Esme into doing the right thing and vindicating the defendant. For months, he’s gone through the motions of being in a relationship with the schemer in hopes of ultimately lowering the boom on her and riding to the rescue of the young woman that he actually loves.

Spencer surprises Esme GH

The Moment of Truth?

Perhaps Spencer’s plan will work, too, because right as Trina is about to take the stand, Diane calls a surprise witness to take her place. “There is a very unexpected twist,” says Ali, adding, “It’s big.”

Our guess? Esme, desperate to learn the identity of her biological mother from Spencer (who she doesn’t know has no idea!), will get up there and reluctantly try to get Trina off the hook without landing herself on it. A neat trick, for sure, but if anybody can do it, Esme can.

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