GENERAL HOSPITAL - gallery - 12/13/18Parry Shen plays Brad on ABC's "General Hospital" airing Monday-Friday, 3-4 p.m., ET, on the ABC Television Network. GH18(Walt Disney Television/Todd Wawrychuk) PARRY SHEN
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ABC soap fave gets a little tongue twisted.

Today we are sending General Hospital’s Parry Shen (Brad) well wishes as he had to undergo surgery to have an extra bone removed from his mouth. The ABC soap actor posted a video on Twitter on Tuesday, July 19, and further explained, “Removed my Tori aka Torus Mandibularis.” So, what is a Tori? It’s a bony growth in the mandible, which is the largest bone in the human skull, and sits along the surface nearest to the tongue.

Shen has had the extra bone beneath his tongue since birth and stated, “In recent years [I] have felt it was beginning to impede on my diction — so tried some tongue twisters to gauge any improvement.”

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In the video, he posted a segment before the surgery and said, “Brace yourselves,” then gave fans a peek into his mouth so they could get a firsthand look at what the doctors would be dealing with. He also performed a few of those tongue twisters.

Next, he shared another segment following the procedure, with his mouth still numb from the Novocain, and gave viewers another peek after the results — minus the Tori. Still a little hazy from the anesthesia, Shen said, “And they’re gone.” And if you want to laugh along with him, watch the video to see why he said, “Okay, maybe we should do this a little bit later.”

And, always the comedian, last week, Shen shared “four new headshots” that resulted from a recent shave and asked fans, “Which look is your vote?”

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