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There’s something to be learned from the Daytime Emmy Award-winning actor.

General Hospital’s Maurice Benard (Sonny) has a way with words and frequently spreads positivity via social media. Recently, while standing outside on his property, he gave fans a peek at the serene backdrop and shared, “We have to appreciate the little things in life.”

As the camera panned across his pond, Benard went on to acknowledge, “I know it’s cliché, we’ve heard it our whole lives, but the truth is it could be gone in one second. Live every day like it’s your last.”

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Even though, as Benard stated, we have been reminded of those words over and over again, no one knows how important they truly are until they’ve experienced loss, devastation or a life-changing experience.

As the video goes on, Benard went further to say, “There are things in life you don’t need money for.” With the sounds of the pond’s fountain trickling in the background, he urged, “All you have to do is listen, open your ears and you can actually hear peace.”

And as he stood there with “tears of joy in my eyes,” Benard left followers with his final thought, “It’s just good to be breathing.”

Fans quickly jumped into the comments in agreement. Donna Garone stated, “I could sit there all day… I love peace,” as Wendy Moyer-Mace expressed, “Wow, that’s beautiful! You really can hear peace. I listened to it a few times. Thank you for sharing!”

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So, whether it’s a tranquil pond or a quiet spot of your own liking, we urge everyone to find their peace in life and “live every day like it’s your last.”

Now that we’ve seen the view from outside Benard’s property, we invite fans to look through our gallery below filled with photos of various soap stars’ past and present homes, including one that Benard spent a decade making memories in.