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Unless we miss our mark, there’s heartbreak in Rory’s future.

Well-played, General Hospital. Very well-played. When the soap had Spencer tap into his conniving Cassadine side and lie to Esme that the DNA test that he’d run revealed the identity of her birth mother, he not only set the stage for his scheming girlfriend to clear Trina’s name, he basically cleared the last obstacle standing between him and the young woman that he really loves.

It was a brilliant move on Spencer’s part. The DNA test results that he has in his possession do not give so much as a clue about who Esme’s biomom is. But Esme doesn’t know that. In order to get a peek at the name on the paperwork, she’ll have to take the stand and somehow make it plain that no way, no how was Trina involved in her revenge porn plot against Josslyn and Cameron.

If it gets Esme herself arrested, so much the better, right?

Spencer’s favorite TV show? Arrested Development.

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At Long Last Love

Assuming that Esme is able to talk Trina out of trouble, there will be nothing left to keep her and Spencer apart. Trina’s legal woes will be as over as Spencer’s relationship with Esme. And let’s be real, that “romance” has been kaput for ages!

So viewers will finally get “Sprina”… which leaves Rory as the odd man out. Crushed, he could find himself vulnerable to the wiles of… ack! No! Esme!

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Esme flirts with Rory GH

No, Rory, best not to even look at Esme! Oops… too late.

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An Unexpected Consequence

Think about it. Esme has already “noticed” Rory. Seeing him stretched out at the Metro Court pool, she even quipped that she’d have him arrested for arson, because he was looking “muy caliente.” Soon, especially if she accidentally incriminates herself, she may find herself in dire need of a “friend” within the PCPD.

Rory, under ordinary circumstances, would be too smart to give Esme so much as the time of day. But people — even bright ones — do dumb, dumb things when they’re hurting. And after he loses Trina to Spencer, Rory is going to be living in a world of hurt.

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