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When is a blood test more than a mere blood test?

Ever since General Hospital revealed that Willow is Nelle’s heretofore-unknown twin, we’ve been counting down until the day that she discovers that her biological mother is none other than her least favorite person on the planet: Nina. And the week of July 18, the show takes what would appear to be a big step in that direction.

Is the ‘Millow’ Baby in Trouble?

During a visit to the hospital, TJ informs Willow that her blood test has revealed something… of note, Soap Opera Digest reports. However, he doesn’t let on to the expectant mom what he suspects that it means, which only makes her more anxious. “That’s a little frightening to her,” portrayer Katelyn MacMullen tells the magazine.

Understandable. From here, as Willow makes the decision to keep Michael in the dark until she knows what’s what, more tests are scheduled. And anybody who’s ever watched a soap can guess that this is leading to the point at which Willow needs a transfusion… or bone marrow… or something that she can only get from a blood relative.

Willow yells at nina in court GH

Don’t say anything you might regr… Oh dear. Too late.

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Carly’s Impossible Position

Nina, as clueless about her connection to Willow as the mom-to-be, might not even think to get tested to see if the two of them are a match. But Carly, knowing full well that her mortal enemy shares DNA with Willow, would be keenly aware that Nina could save the day. That would put Carly in quite the pickle, no?

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If Willow and/or her pregnancy were in jeopardy, Carly would want to do anything that she could to right the ship. But she’d hate, hate, hate to let the cat out of the bag and tip anyone off to the fact that Nina and Willow are mother and daughter. What’s more, how would she reveal such a thing without admitting that, erm, she’s known the truth for ages and has just been sitting on it?

Carly's left in tears GH

“Why do these things always happen to meee?”

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A Total Game-Changer

If folks found that out, Carly would have a much harder time slinging mud at Nina for withholding the information that Sonny wasn’t dead all those months, he was just chilling in Nixon Falls. Plus, Carly would theoretically be stuck with her worst nightmare as a kinda-sorta member of the family forevermore.

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That goes beyond awkward, it goes to the level of uncomfortable that puts characters on our list of soaps’ all-time most feverish rivalries. Speaking of which…

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