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Get your protective gear on, people — this is gonna be explosive!

Although they say that pride goes before a fall, they apparently never said it on General Hospital to Carly. Or at least she wasn’t listening. So in the July 12 episode of ABC’s one and only daytime drama, she turned down one offer of help to keep the Metro Court (from Michael) after another (from Olivia).

gh carly facepalm

Pretty much our reaction, too.

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Insert facepalm here. Who among us would sooner lose the business that we loved than let a loved one bail us out? None of us, right? Desperate times call for desperate measures, and for Carly, these are most definitely desperate times!

But there’s an upside to the former Mrs. Corinthos’ folly. It opens the door for Nina to make an even bigger mistake. If she buys her rival’s half of the Metro Court, Carly is sure to hit the roof and go clear through it. Nina might even find herself on the receiving end of one of Carly’s legendary slaps. And it might feel to the hotelier like there’s so much salt in the wound that the wound has been crowded out.

On your mark, get set…

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To be clear, none of that is the upside. The upside for Carly is that if Nina does buy the hotel and in any way, shape or form tries to leverage it to gain access to grandson Wiley, it might paint her for the first time in an unflattering light to Sonny. That, in turn, could be the beginning of the end of “Sona.”

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Thus far, when Carly has ranted and raved about what a wicked witch Nina is, Sonny has turned a deaf ear. The eyes through which Carly looks at Nina are very different from the ones through which “Mike” views her. But if Nina tried to manipulate the situation at all — as smart as that may be — it might cause her boo to be like, “What the… ?”

Sonny takes the stand

Preview of Sonny’s skeptical face?

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In fact, upcoming spoilers for General Hospital (you can read ’em in full here) reveal that the dimpled don does indeed question his lady love’s motives in getting mixed up in Carly’s financial travails. That, in turn, leads them to face some hard truths about their relationship. Will they emerge from this trial closer than ever? Or will this be the first step toward breaking them up and reuniting “CarSon”?

Review Carly’s rags-to-riches life in the below photo gallery.