GH Rundown for the week of December 28!

Welcome to 2010! I hope everyone had a happy and safe New Year’s.

Last week was another short one, but as always, there’s still plenty to talk about.

Self Serve

The Lisa/Sonny scene in the restaurant, whose name I’m still not clear on, got my attention because it is the most sparse establishment I have ever seen. There wasn’t even a bartender to get Olivia a drink. How does it make money when there are never any customers there? I guess they save on not having to pay any employees. Other than that, I felt bad for Johnny witnessing Olivia’s jealousy over Sonny being with Lisa, after he just learned Michael killed Claudia and that Franco dug up her body. It was a rough day for him and he certainly didn’t need to walk in on that.

Still Friends?
I wonder if Olivia and Carly will ever mend fences. Unless I’m not recalling correctly, they haven’t spoken or even shared a scene since Carly found out Olivia knew Claudia was responsible for Michael’s coma. I wonder if they will cross paths before the truth about Dante comes out. I’m sure Carly will be even more upset to learn Olivia knew Dante has been trying to take Sonny down, which will be too bad, because I liked their friendship.

Favorite Couples
I loved Patrick and Robin’s anniversary. They were cute and romantic and it was sweet they ended their celebration with their daughter. I adore them as a couple and am so happy neither one has done any irreparable damage to their marriage and have stayed committed to each other. So far Lisa isn’t a threat and I really hope it stays that way.

The other fantastic couple moment of the week belonged to Lulu and Dante. They’re finally getting somewhere and went on a real date, which Dante put a lot of thought into. Lulu showed him her appreciation by macking on him in the back of the limo, which was pretty cool, but they were interrupted by the driver, leading to another cute scene of them laughing and her hiding her face in embarrassment. I am looking forward to them becoming a real couple, because they will need to support each other when the truth about Dante comes out, which will have major ramifications for each of them.