Trina's trial begins GH
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Port Charles celebrates the Fourth of July, albeit a little late.

In the preview for General Hospital for the week of July 11 – 15, the fireworks aren’t the only thing exploding around town this week. Read on for the scoop and watch the teaser video.

As the fireworks get underway, several couples, or hope-to-be couples, gather to watch. Maxie and Austin lie on a blanket in the park to watch the fireworks, while Dante and Sam cuddle in bed and watch them through the windows. Rory and Trina share a picnic in the park under the stars and explosions and come close to kissing.

Last week, Victor ordered Valentin to put a drug in Laura’s drink. While he initially did, Valentin couldn’t go through with it and pretended to clumsily knock the drink out of her hand. This week, Valentin demands Victor tell him what in the hell is going on. Will Victor finally explain his ultimate plan?

The announcer teases, as sparks fly, someone is bound to get burned. The screen flashes from what appears to be an upset Drew staring at frustrated Carly, and a sorrowfully Nina looking on as Sonny bows his head in front of her. We’re pretty sure this has to do with Carly’s half of the Metro Court!

FinallyTrina’s trial begins! Carly vows that Esme will regret the day she ever messed with their kids. Plus, there’s been a change of defense and now Diane has taken over Trina’s case. With Diane in charge, Esme’s bound to feel the heat on the stand!

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Video: General Hospital/Facebook