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The daytime star gives fans a peek from “down under.”

No, General Hospital’s James Patrick Stuart (Valentin) wasn’t spotted in Australia but rather deep below the ocean’s surface in the Caribbean, where he posted a few photos during his trip to Roatan, Honduras.

The first pic Stuart shared contained three sharks (possibly more) swimming in the water followed by two more featuring him and his son watching from below — and in very close proximity. “Took my youngest son to meet some sharks today in beautiful Roatan, Honduras,” he stated.

Though some fans thought what he was doing was cool, others weren’t on board with the activity, including Heather Qualy, who expressed, “All right, if no one else is going to say it, I will: Nope!” Kelly McPoland added a little shark twist to her comment and said, “You’re the most jawesome dad!”

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Next, sitting on the floor of the Caribbean Sea, Stuart spent some time “feeding groupers” and declared, “Now I’ve officially done everything.”

One fan, Purple Chiquita, had to do a double take while scrolling through her Twitter feed and explained, “At first I read feeding groupies. I was like that’s new.”

That’s hilarious — and could you imagine? We can see it now… the daytime fave showing up to a big ABC soap event and, instead of minnows or whatever “groupers” eat, throwing out handfuls of candy into the crowd of waiting “groupies” aka fans!

He then introduced his new saltwater friend, “That’s a Moray,” and admitted, “I’ve been humming Dean Martin in my head ever since.”

And finally, Stuart spent a little time wreck diving, something he’s been fascinated with since childhood. “Maybe it was all the Jacques Cousteau [the famous divemaster/filmmaker who co-invented the first open-circuit SCUBA set] I would watch with my father,” he shared. “I had a brave counselor at Catalina Island summer camp who would let me explore the sunken yachts of Emerald Bay using mask and snorkel. I’m enough lucky to have been able to pass the fascination along to my youngest son.”

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