Credit: ABC/Courtesy of the Everett Collection, Procter & Gamble/Courtesy of the Everett Collection, ABC

Gotta say: It is a sharp cut!

Recently, a Guiding Light fan shared on Twitter a throwback to the 2004 storyline in which Laura Wright’s stripper-turned-princess Cassie discovered that someone had been using her name to rack up stack upon stack of bills all across Europe. And it was fun in and of itself to watch the soap-hopper act again opposite Kim Zimmer, who (well, duh!) played Cassie’s fiery sister, Reva.

Laura Wright and Kim Zimmer

But the scene did more than just remind us of what a great tag team the former co-stars were or make us nostalgic for the CBS soap that made its television debut 70 years ago. It also put in Wright’s head what she called “my favorite hair!”

Fans of the General Hospital leading lady will know very well that over the years, she has chopped her hair short, grown it out, straightened it and let it go naturally curly. And somehow she’s looked amazing every time. (Check out her — and more stars’ — ever-changing locks here.) But the style to which she gave her ultimate seal of approval is an especially sharp cut, sleek and edgy — like a work of modern art plopped atop her head. See for yourself below.

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