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Fans haven’t just rained praise on the actress.

An actor has to know they’re doing something beyond right when not only do they get viewers to tune in every day, they get presents from them, too. And General Hospital leading lady Tabyana Ali can count herself among that lucky and talented lot. On July 3, she shared to Instagram a series of stunning photos of herself with a bouquet of appreciation from the audience. “Thank you to the ‘Sprina’/Trina fans who gave me these beautiful ‘pretty in pink’ flowers,” she wrote. “And it’s in one of my favorite colors.

“I love y’all,” she added.


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And clearly, the feeling is mutual. Why wouldn’t it be? Since Ali took over the role of Portia’s daughter from Sydney Mikayla in March, she’s made it completely her own, not only striking up palpable on-screen chemistry with newly minted Emmy winner Nicholas Alexander Chavez (Spencer) but Michael Kruse (Rory) as well.

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But as Trina’s trial for exposing Josslyn and Cameron’s first time draws ever nearer — as if anyone with a brain in their head would believe she was guilty! — so does decision time for the young heroine. Will she give her heart to Rory, only to learn later that all along, Spencer was secretly working to bust Esme? Or will she discover Spencer’s efforts on her behalf and gently let down the rookie cop with the arresting presence?

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