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Sometimes happiness finds us when we least expect it.

General Hospital‘s Maurice Benard (Sonny) is, like many of us, no stranger to loss. The actor has opened up about his personal battles and struggles with mental health over the years, even as he’s said goodbye to those he’s love most in life. In fact, just this past October, he lost his father, Humberto, so it’s touchingly understandable that he was going through photos of his dad with Father’s Day having just passed.

In doing so, though, he found something truly special — a photo his late pops with Benard’s beloved Akita, Cain, who died four years ago. The actor was so overjoyed that he didn’t waste any time sharing it to his Instagram.

“I was going through my Father’s Day pictures, came across my Dad and Cain,” Benard wrote. “I felt so much joy because I thought to myself, ‘Oh my God, they’re together again.’ I say death always brings you a gift, you just have to open your eyes.”

Fans chimed in to agree with the unexpected gift and share their own memories of the fathers they lost. A few even echoed the sentiment of feeling that the beloved pets they’ve lost have been reunited with family members who’ve passed.

It’s clear that for Benard, neither pop nor pup are ever far from his thoughts. Back in May, the actor shared a video of him training Cain years ago, offering treats as we watched that giant fluff ball of a tail wag every time the massively cuddly dog performed a trick. And trust us when we say that few things are impressive as a giant Akita standing on his hind legs, nearly hitting Benard’s height!

Former leading lady Lilly Melgar (ex-Lily) jumped in to marvel at having “met this beauty.”

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