Carly has a confession to make GH
Credit: ABC screenshot

The ABC soap honors a milestone for daytime this week.

In the preview for General Hospital for the week of June 20 – 24, Port Charles is celebrating a win. Read on for the scoop and watch the teaser video.

At Charlie’s, Chase, Finn and others celebrate after a softball match. The announcer reveals this week marks General Hospital‘s 15,000th episode and they are celebrating with more romance, drama and family.

Obrecht is shown looking down on a kneeling Scott, could he be proposing? Meanwhile, Sonny and Nina clearly aren’t hiding their relationship anymore, as they share a kiss at The Metro Court pool. Oh yeah, they’re doing that at Carly’s establishment! We gander she might have something to say about it!

Sasha is in tears and looking terrified, which can only mean she’s worried about appearing on the Home & Heart show to sell Deception’s product line.

Carly tells someone that it’s time to confess. Now we know she’s not talking about herself and the secret she’s keeping that Willow is Nina’s daughter and Nelle’s twin sister, so who is she talking about? Meanwhile, at GH, Michael and Willow embrace in an exam room. Have they just found out what could be causing all of Willow’s tired spells as of late?

Finally, Curtis tells Marshall, as TJ looks on, that they are in this together, while Laura tells Kevin, “Don’t make me cry!”

Per our General Hospital spoilers, the special show marking the 15,000th episode of General Hospital will focus on Laura as some unknown adversary takes aim at her, and Alexis warns her of a catastrophe that is about to occur.

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Video: General Hospital/Facebook