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Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

If only our birthdays were half this special!

We’re just going to come out and say it: General Hospital‘s Kelly Thiebaud (Britt) knows how to treat her “guy” right on his birthday! And by guy, of course we mean her pup, Whiskey! The actress took to Instagram to blanket us with adorable videos and the absolutely sweetest photo.

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The fun actually started the night before the puppy’s birthday with a super covert Instagram video.

“Guys,” she whispered conspirationally into the camera with a grin, “I’m baking Whiskey’s birthday cake.” She then turned the camera around to check out treat baking away in the oven, before calling her beloved pup over. A curious Whiskey popped up from around the corner and was greeted with a “Hi!”

The next morning, Thiebaud showed the birthday boy sprawled out in bed on his back, as she whispered a happy birthday to the still sleepy pup. He was wide awake, though, by cake time!

And honestly, when Thiebaud showed off the finished treat in her stories, it looks (and sounded) mighty tasty!

“All of his favorite things,” she wrote in the story. “Yogurt. Carrots. Sweet potatoes. And some other things.” Luckily, she even provided a link to the “PupCakes” recipe! And yeah, full disclosure, that’s totally something we would try. Then the actress serenaded Whiskey with “Happy Birthday” as she put the cake down, cut it into slices and told Whiskey what a good boy he was

“I think he likes it,” she noted in what was probably the understatement of the century as he went to town on his special treat. It was practically cuteness overload, but we weren’t complaining.

Then, just for a little, shall we say, icing on the cake, Thiebaud capped it all off with her post below.

Happy birthday to my guy, my sweet boy, Whiskey,” she wrote. “I love you so much buddy.”

Daww. OK, that is one lucky dog.

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