GENERAL HOSPITAL - ABC's "General Hospital" stars Nicholas Chavez as Spencer Cassadine. (ABC/Craig Sjodin)
Credit: ABC

The ABC soap star wants you to know “how loved you are.”

General Hospital’s Nicholas Alexander Chavez (Spencer) shared a photo of himself standing on a beach in Watch Hill, Rhode Island with the ocean and blue sky in the background, along with his favorite poem, “Desiderata.” Why? Because his “sensitive soul” wanted fans to know just how much they are loved.

“’Desiderata’ has been my favorite poem for many years,” he stated. “I’m sharing it here if anyone should need it.” He also wanted those who are familiar with the poem or those who read it to know “how loved you are” and thanked his followers for “being you and for contributing to the experience of life, in your own beautiful and irreplaceable way.”

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The early 1920s prose poem (without the line breaks associated with poetry) by American writer Max Ehrmann surrounds a lifestyle of loving, being true to and valuing oneself, as well as being dignified and self-assertive, without disrespecting others.

Hey, we could all use a little reset in that department every now and then. When life gets hectic, we should take a page out of Chavez’s book and step back, take a breather and reconnect with ourselves and the serene beauty around us.

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And fans appreciated his post and expressed words of their own thanks, including Lynn8392, who commented, “That’s beautiful, thank you for sharing,” as well as Laura Cole, who stated, “I love this. I have never heard of this before. Thank you.” Robyn Wilson thanked the actor as well and returned his words back to him “tenfold.”

Now, if only Spencer and the Cassadines could take something away from this poem, things might start to look up for them.

You’ll see what we mean by browsing through the dark history of the Cassadine family in our photo gallery below.