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So what if the show is playing two stories of the same kind — as long as they’re both compelling!

By and large, if a soap sets in motion two of the same sort of storyline at the same time, we come down on it like a brick house. We’d call it a whopper of a mistake. But we’re going to give General Hospital a pass for playing two long-lost-daughter plots at the same time — for a very good reason: They’re both pretty damn good.

The twist that Willow is Nelle’s twin sister — and therefore Nina’s child — is packed with so much potential for explosions, it’s like a suitcase that you’ve overstuffed too much to zip it shut. When the truth comes out — and we all know that it will! — Willow and Nina are going to be faced with the impossible task of moving beyond the animosity for one another that they cranked up to 11 during the hearings to decide whether Wiley would get to know his grandma.

Willow grabs Nina in court GH

“If you want a hug, kid, you could just ask.”

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Plus, the fallout from the fact that Carly kept the women’s connection a secret is going to be epic. First, Nina hated Carly for remaining mum about the circumstances surrounding Nelle’s death. Then, Carly hated Nina for saying nada about the fact that Sonny was alive and well and getting all boo’d up in Nixon Falls. Now… Lord! The tables are turning so much, they could be on a merry-go-’round!

As for the shocker that Esme is Felicia’s daughter by onetime stalker Ryan — or so the hints would certainly indicate — OK, we’ll grant you. We don’t entirely get it. Yet. But we’re intrigued enough to go along for the ride. And it will be especially cool to see Kristina Wagner front and center in a storyline again.

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Dysfunctional family portrait?

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Whether the show will manage to in any way redeem Esme — probably the most loathed character since Peter August — remains to be seen. But if a guy who once coaxed an underage girl to dance at his strip club can become the hero of the soap (Sonny), a woman who stood by and watched her rival’s kid be ‘napped can still be a root-for (Sam) and a character who killed an innocent woman in cold blood can be a romantic lead (Ava), anything is possible.

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