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This is one scene that’s truly out of this world.

General Hospital may not make peace between Michael and his father for a while yet. And when the show does, it isn’t likely to look anything like the wild scene that Maurice Benard (Sonny) shared on June 7. But he did nonetheless share a clip that, in its own unique way, foreshadowed the touching moment.

“People always ask me, ‘[Are] Sonny and Michael ever going to get back together,” Benard noted in the caption. “I say Sonny loves Michael — there’s nothing he would love more than a beautiful reunion.”

With that, he threw to a video in which “Sonny” approached the son he took from A.J.… only “Michael” was played not by Chad Duell but by a figure of a bug-eyed E.T. “Please Michael,” said Benard, straight-faced. “Please come back to me.”


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Responses to the silly clip were a comedic free-for-all. “You look good,” Benard told Duell. Johnny Wactor, who plays Brando, joked that Duell “looks different without make-up.”

“Much better,” added Benard.

Marcus Coloma (Nikolas), who we have a hunch had a hand in the making of the video, drew playful attention to the camera work. Dominic Zamprogna (Dante) just laughed his ass off.

On screen, of course, the rift between Sonny and Michael is no laughing matter. In the General Hospital episode that aired that same day, the godfather of Port Charles learned that his estranged son was targeting his coffee business. (Not sure why that would matter so much — aren’t Sonny’s criminal endeavors the more lucrative ones? But anyway… ) In response, eager-to-please Dex looked poised to “help” in a way that was likely to get him hurt.

Revisit some of the “arrested developments” in Sonny’s life by perusing the below photo gallery of the don’s days in Port Charles.