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“I’m just waiting for a reason to come back.” 

It was a father/daughter reunion when General Hospital’s Lexi Ainsworth (Krista) joined TV-dad Maurice Benard (Sonny) for one of his infamous — as in you never know who’ll show up or what they’ll say — Instagram live chats.

The two were obviously thrilled to reconnect, with Benard wondering where the heck she’s been. “I’m in England,” she revealed. “Dude, I’ve been gone for three months!” And at the moment, Ainsworth isn’t exactly sure of when she’ll return to the states.

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“I’m coming back,” she quickly assured Benard, “I’m just waiting for a reason to come back. But I went through a break-up recently, and I’m having like an Eat, Pray, Love moment.”

For the uninitiated, Eat, Pray, Love is the 2006 memoir by Elizabeth Gilbert. In the tome, she tells of traveling around the world learning to enjoy life while getting in touch with her spirituality. The book later was adapted into a movie starring Julia Roberts.

Lexi Ainsworth, Maurice Benard as kristina and sonny general hospital

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“With auditions being remote and I’m not filming on [General Hospital], I thought, ‘Well, I have nothing going on, so I might as well travel and find myself,” admitted the young actress. As a result, she booked a one-way flight to Rome at the beginning of March and has been following her own path ever since.

As for the break-up which instigated the journey, Ainsworth said they’d been living together for five years, “so it’s a lot.”

Although she’s spent time with friends along the way, much of this trip has been spent as a solo traveler. “If anyone has the opportunity to do a trip by themselves, you learn a lot,” she reflected.

As for when Kristina might next be seen in Port Charles, Benard seemed to hint that there might be something coming up. “You would know before me,” laughed Ainsworth, prompting him to respond, “That’s where I’m going to leave it for now.”

Clearly as curious as fans, Ainsworth advised, “Stay tuned, I guess!”

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