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Credit: ABC screenshot (2), ABC

Is the Corinthos brood about to grow by one?

It all started with just one little General Hospital gif. A viewer tweeted out a snippet of Carly looking supremely satisfied as she watched Willow telling Nina off after Wiley’s visitation case was settled. It was the end of Nina’s latest kid drama, and somehow it may just have turned into the start of the next!

Carly, of course, is sitting on the DNA confirming that Nina is Willow’s mother, and for now she seems content to keep it to herself and watch with barely repressed joy as Willow and Nina tear at each other. Fan Bianca Dominguez replied, though, that, “My concern is what going to happen to Willow when she finds out the truth about her mother!”

And that got Laura Wright’s attention.

“Me too,” she chimed in. “Maybe Carly should keep it to herself — for about 9 months?”

Naturally, a legion of Carly fans were all over for that! But, they were quick to jump in and point out, Nina only kept Sonny in Nixon Falls a secret for six months. With that said, they agreed, Carly should keep her secret longer anyway, so there was no harm, no foul in Wright getting the timing of the comparison wrong.

The thing is the fans were assuming that Wright was either mistaken or simply misspoke. What if she did neither? What if she really did mean to say nine months?

With Willow pregnant, Carly could claim that she needs to keep the secret out of the goodness of her heart (had a hard time writing that with a straight face). But telling Willow too soon would just upset her and bring unnecessary stress into her life which could jeopardize Carly’s grandchild. She’s already got one miscarriage on her conscience from her car accident with Elizabeth, she doesn’t need another one.

Plus, that’s an extra nine months to play up the enmity between Willow and Nina. Wouldn’t it just be delicious for Carly if, when she finally does reveal the truth, Willow hates Nina so much she refuses to reconcile and denies her new mom from seeing another grandchild?

Carly can scheme with the best of them, so that’s got to be a thought if Willow gets pregnant so soon after Nina losing her court battle to see Wiley.

Headwriters Dan O’Connor and Chris Van Etten confirmed that Michael and Willow are getting some exciting news this summer that we already speculated could be a pregnancy. Add Wright’s tweet on top of that and it’s looking more and more like the stork might just be stopping by Port Charles soon.

What do you think? Is it time for Wiley to get a half-sibling/cousin? Would this bring Willow closer to Nina when the truth comes out or just drive them further apart?