Ava calls out Spencer GH
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Schemes will unravel in Port Charles.

In the preview for General Hospital for the week of June 6 – 10, Esme gives Ryan an update. Read on for the scoop and watch the teaser video.

After offering Spencer his allowance, but asking him to stay in Wyndemere to work on his relationship with his father, Ava was shocked to find out Esme and Spencer had patched things up. That means Esme is also staying at Casa de Cassadine, and neither Ava nor Spencer know what transpired between Esme and Nikolas. After Spencer asked Ava if she was truly okay with Esme staying at Wyndemere, apparently Ava starts to become suspicious of young Spencer. She asks him point-blank, what kind of game he’s playing. Will he finally open up to Ava about his plan to nail Esme? After all, she could be of great help to him.

As for Esme, after doing exactly what her father Ryan asked of her in seducing Prince Nikolas, she pays him another visit at Spring Ridge. Will he be pleased with how far his daughter went for him?

As the announcer teases, “Schemes unravel in Port Charles,” Rory, in uniform, visits Trina at the gallery with Joss in attendance. Is it just another friendly visit, or could Rory be on official business regarding Trina’s case?

Finally, after Nina’s hearing dredged up a lot of bad blood, Michael was left fuming that Sonny took the stand to defend Nina. Coming up, Dante gets up in Michael’s face and asks if it was all worth it just to try and humiliate their father. And, Sonny issues a warning to his new guy Dex that if he touches his kids, he’ll kill Dex himself. What could Dex have said to get Sonny so up in arms? It’s probably a safe bet it has to do with Michael.

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