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Credit: ABC

It’s one magical love affair for the ages.

A lot has happened since last May, both in the daytime world and in the real world. Honestly, the less said about that last bit, the better, but we suppose reality hasn’t been all bad. After all, it sounds like things are going just swell for General Hospital‘s former Morgan, Bryan Craig!

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The actor took to Instagram to celebrate a full year of relationship bliss. And even before we got to the caption, we could tell it was one enchanted evening, seeing as how the two were at the Magic Castle, which is a nightclub frequented by magicians and lovers of magic!

Now that’s where you want to celebrate an anniversary!

Craig shared a slew of photos and videos of the special night, including an adorable clip where he was caught by surprise to be on video. He then wrote that it was, “365 days with you, but no amount of days will ever be enough. Happy one year anniversary to the center of my world, Daniela Lopez Osorio. I love you, baby.”

Lopez Osorio replied, writing “Never ever enough!! Till the [bleeping] wheels come off, baby. I love you!”

And over on her own page, she shared some more incredible photos of their time together, posting that, “I wish everyone could experience love the way you make me feel it. Happy anniversary, baby.”

It’s clear that the love between these two runs deep. Back in February, the two celebrated Valentine’s Day with no shortage of warmth when Craig shared that, “Yeah, it’s just a silly holiday, but it’s a chance to tell you and show you how much I love you ,and I’ll take any chance I can get. I love you, baby. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

From what we can see, it’s going to be a long time before the wheels come off this duo!

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